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Founded in 1966, Acadian Industries Inc. has acquired a solid professional experience that allows them today to be a leader in machining, welding manufacturing and mechanical assembly in sectors of various activities, such as pulp and paper, mining, hydroelectricity and others.

Supported by a team of experts in sales, research and development, procurement and administrative aspects, all of these services allow the company to assure its customers that no effort is spared in order to respond adequately to their needs and expectations.

Acadian Industries.
are ISO 9001 certified

When he took up leadership of the company at the end of 2014, Ghislain Sabourin had a clear goal in mind, to create 300 quality jobs in Quebec by 2030, A goal that has driven each of his actions ever since. In four years, the company has grown from 30 to 80 employees and continues to grow at a rapid pace. This man of heart is passionate about nature and works hand in hand with his team members to create wealth in the region.

Industries Rainville also means doing things differently to ensure collective well-being. Indeed, Mr. Sabourin’s arrival in office has brought with it a wind of change rarely seen in the field. By painting all the walls white and providing better lighting, an improved ventilation system, exceptional working conditions for all employees and state-of-the-art equipment, management has made every effort to create a healthy work environment where life is good and where people enjoy working.

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Today, Industries Rainville’s reputation is well established in the field. The biggest names in the industry place their trust in Industries Rainville, and in return, Industries Rainville delivers exceptional all-in-one service on time and on budget. Today, Industries Rainville occupies a prime position in the North American market and is making its mark in Europe.

And the company’s history continues to unfold…



Our mission is to spark the passion and imagination of engineers that have a project in mind and offer industry leaders innovative solutions to help them boost their productivity. That’s what we’ve been doing for over 55 years now. We don’t just design tools; we make it our duty to design them according to your deadlines and budget and subject them to rigorous quality control.

How do we do this?

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At Acadian Industries, every individual can be sure of one thing; they share at least four points in common with their other team members. Four non-negotiable company values are prerequisites and make Industries Rainville both a place where people like to evolve as employees and a trusted business partner with whom they want to prosper.

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